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Children, parents finding used syringes in yard

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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. - Parents are fed up after finding many used syringes gracing the streets in Pauls Valley.

Police suspect drug users are throwing them out in a neighborhood crawling with kids.

"I'm scared every day, every day," said Troy Reid.

Reid expected his little boys to be safe to explore near their home.

Instead, they found used needles in their own back yard.

"One little poke and it's all over. Their whole life is changed," said Reid.

His kids' playmate nearby faces that reality.

Her parents wouldn't go on camera in an effort to conceal her identity, but she accidentally pricked herself on one of the needles.

She found it at the school bus stop.

Now doctors have to test her for possible diseases.

"Sweet innocent child, you know, just comes across it," said Terry Vanzandt. "I couldn't even imagine the state of mind I would be in. I'd want justice."

Vanzandt is furious.

She found needles while simply taking her kids on a walk.

"It was terrifying," said Vanzandt.

She went door to door warning other parents.

"I can't have that. I can't have that in the neighborhood," said Vanzandt. "This needs to be known this is happening because kids don't think."

Even police found these two syringes along with spoons and other drug paraphernalia beside a mailbox.

Reid said, "Like somebody throwing a loaded gun out of the window as far as I'm concerned."

However, police have no way to trace these shots back to the people who tossed them in the children's paths.

Officers say the state doesn't usually accept needles in order to test them for possible disease because they can be so dangerous.

The department is increasing patrols in the area in hopes of catching someone in the act of tossing the needles.

If you see a syringe, call police immediately.