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Human remains near Chandler may belong to man missing since 2010

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CHANDLER, Okla. - A gruesome discovery may solve a missing persons case near Chandler.

Law enforcement in Lincoln county searched a wooded area after a man hunting mushrooms reported finding a human skull on Monday.

Investigators say the remains may belong to a man missing in the area for 3 and a half years.

In August 2010 Daniel McGhee disappeared leaving behind only an abandoned SUV.

Daniel's stepmother Sue McGhee said, "The OSBI always said they knew he was dead but didn't know where he was at."

Since August 2010, sheriff's deputies repeatedly walked the woods searching for McGhee, but always came up empty.

The Lincoln county sheriff says the OSBI and the state medical examiner's office helped scour the area where someone discovered the human skull this week and 2 dozen more human bones were found.

Crews also searched for other personal items that may belong to McGhee near the scene.

Lincoln County sheriff Charlie Dougherty said, "He would have had a wedding ring so we've got metal detectors searching for stuff like that. Anything that can help this investigation."

A positive ID on the remains found in the woods will have to be made by the medical examiner's office.

McGhee's stepmother never had any illusions her son would ever turn up alive again, but she hopes the discovery gives her family some peace.

"We're just glad if this is him, it's over," said Sue McGhee. "Every time someone missing comes on the news, my husband thinks it's him."

"Nothing is concrete and nothing is positive, but they'd like to have some closure," said Dougherty.

McGhee did have a criminal history, but it's not clear how or why he died.

Because his body has been missing, no one has ever been arrested.