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In Your Corner Update: OK senior can’t believe her eyes

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Update: We have new details involving an 84 year-old Oklahoma woman in desperate need of help.

The city recently served Ramona Hutson with a notice ordering her to tear down several dilapidated structures on her property.

The ultimatum was either tear them down herself or the city would do it, then send her the bill, plus issue fines.

Our hearts went out the senior.

We knew exactly who to call.

Kevin Kates and Midwest Wrecking offered up their crew and heavy equipment free of charge.

It took them several hours to tear down the old buildings once and for all.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Ramona Hutson served with this ultimatum from city inspectors.

She said, “They said I need all that removed, all the way to the fence back there.”

The dilapidated buildings and debris are a major fire hazard.

Ramona, a widow, wants it gone too, but doesn't have the cash to pay someone to remove it.

The city has given her two more weeks to figure things out.

If she doesn’t level the buildings and have them removed, then the city will take matters into their own hands.

They’ll contract out the work and stick Ramona with the bill.

If she doesn’t pay, then they can file a lien against her property.

“This is my home,” Ramona said. “I'm 84 years-old and this is all I have.”

We got busy on the phone.

Not even five minutes later we hit the jackpot.

Kevin Kates and Midwest Wrecking will handle all of the removal at no cost to Ramona.

“She needs help and we're all about helping people,” he said.

We're working with the city and the utility companies to secure a demolition permit.

Once we get one Midwest Wrecking will get the green light to get to work.

We should have all the debris gone by the end of the month.

We’ll keep you posted.