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Mars rover captures interesting shining light

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(CNN) – The latest snapshots from Mars captured an image of a bright light, leaving many to wonder what it could be.

One photo shows the stark Martian landscape with a shinning light standing out some distance away in front of a mountain chain.

The Curiosity Rover’s official Twitter feed admits it is more illusion than evidence of life.

A spokesman with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated each time they captured the light, “the sun was in the same direction as the bright spot — west-northwest from the rover — and relatively low in the sky.”

That could lead one to believe the sun was reflecting off the rock the same way each time.

Webster also noted the spots could be a function of light affecting the camera itself.

The images captured add to the vast photo album that Curiosity has created since setting off from Earth in November 2011 and landing about eight and a half months later.