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Multi-million dollar company born in an Oklahoma man’s living room

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OKLAHOMA - A metro company is born in the living room of an Oklahoma College professor.

Piyush Patel, founder of Digital-Tutors said, "So we're a one stop shop. We handle everything from building the website to making the content."

Patel is a former Northern Oklahoma College professor who grew frustrated with the outdated training material used in the digital media department so he decided to create his own in 2000.

"You know movies and games move so fast that by the time you print the book it's already old so we designed a way to deliver this to the market almost instantaneously," said Patel.

Digital training programs used by global companies like Pixar, NASA, Microsoft, and Dreamworks are made here at Digital-Tutors.

"The way we did it was word-of-mouth marketing. Let's build a product that people love enough to tell somebody else.  We pretty much grassroots got to the Pixars and the NASAs..." Patel said.

Now they will be the creative force behind the largest e-learning library for professionals Pluralsight.

A 45 million dollar acquisition that started with 54 dollars in Patel's living room.

Patel said, "I know this sounds cliché, but I said to myself one day I'm going to figure out how to do this and I'm going to teach other people because I want to learn how to do it and I don't know where to go to learn to do this."

And as the business is growing so are the OKC offices adding 16 more positions to the 35 employees currently based at the metro location.

Patel said the business will stay in OKC despite the new ownership.

"We're Oklahoma based. We'll always be Oklahoma based. We're not going anywhere."