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Oklahoma grass fire sparked in unusual way

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LUTHER, Okla. - A large grass fire came within feet of homes just west of the metro, and a sparking tire rim is what caused it.

A truck was pulling a trailer, and that trailer lost all the rubber from a tire.

The metal rim was grinding along the road sending sparks everywhere that turned into flames.

Just like striking a match, this is where metal met the pavement, and sparks flew from the road to the dry, thirsty grass.

Once it caught the cedar trees on fire, it caught Zella Phipps' attention.

"Right down here is where I saw it," Phipps said. "It just went up in a blaze. I mean it was going clear to the top of the cedar."

Phipps was home reading, glanced up and saw flames crawling toward her.

She called 911 and then called relatives who live nearby, and before the fire truck even showed up they held off the blaze with a garden hose.

"We were out before they got here trying to keep it from getting in the yard," Phipps said.

The flames backed down from her house and went after about 20 acres just to the east.

Several fire departments got it under control and spent a good while putting out smoldering hot spots, but you know Oklahoma ... the drought was not all that had them worrying.

"They're expecting a wind shift," firefighter Chuck Blair said. "We don't know if that will make a difference or not, but it's looking pretty good right now."

Thanks to a fast response and Phipps' quick thinking.

"I'm glad they were really quick to get here," Phipps said. "These trailer houses go up in a hurry."

In this case, nobody was hurt and no homes were lost.