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Sriracha lovers, you may have limited time with your favorite hot sauce

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IRWINDALE, Calif. (CNN) – A hot sauce factory has 90 days to stop the smell before city officials make changes.

According to CNN, the attorney for a company that produces one of America’s most popular hot sauces told HLN that complaints bout an odor coming from the company’s factory amount to a lot of fuss over a very minor issue.

“Of the 61 complaints lodged by the city’s residents, over 40 of them came from the same four people,” said John Tate, who represents Huy Fong Foods, the maker of Sriracha.

The issue has led to threats of a shutdown for the factory in Irwindale, California.

They city has now moved toward declaring the factory a public nuisance.

The Irwindale City Council voted 4-0 to have staff prepare a resolution that would give Huy Fong Foods 90 days to make changes to stop the spicy odor problem.

The city attorney said the council will consider the public nuisance resolution during its April 23 meeting.

The vote came despite Tate’s proposal to submit an action plan within 10 days to have the smell fixed by June 1.

If Huy Fong makes good on its promise, the city will not enforce its determination.

In a statement, Huy Fong Foods said it was disappointed with the City Council action. “We, with the help of AQMD(South Coast Air Quality Management District) will work towards a resolution, but at the end, we believe the city will do what they wish to do regardless.”

Residents first reported a burning sensation in their eyes and throats, as well as problems with headaches and watering eyes in October.

As a result, Huy Fong suspended operations in November on the order of a Los Angles County judge.