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This pill offers hope to people with lung cancer

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There’s new hope in the fight against cancer.

There are three different words to hear, you have cancer. When it comes to lung cancer the statistics are grim.

It kills more people than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined.

But, a new treatment is giving hope to some patients.

It’s a pill called Tarceva — it’s taken once a day — for lung cancer patients cause by a gene mutation called EGFR. The pill helps shrink the tumors without radiation or chemotherapy.

“So something happens in the body that leads to this gene mutation somewhere in the lung and that then develops into the lung cancer,” says Dr. Heather Wakalee, a Thoracic oncologist.

“I’ve been taking Tarceva since December 7th and my tumor was down 50 percent in beginning of February, so after 2 months it was down 50 percent,” says Wakalee.

The drug has been shown to work quickly and cancer patients start to feel better, but unfortunately, the effects don’t last forever.