UPDATE: Authorities investigate a suspicious death in McClain County

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GOLDSBY, Okla. - This quiet farmhouse near Goldsby is the scene of a coldblooded murder Wednesday.

24-year-old Rachelle Flowers was found dead around 3 p.m.

Dana Guthrie from the McClain County Sheriff's Office is one of the investigators.

"We had a deputy on patrol.  He noticed a vehicle sitting in the driveway with a door open.  We've had a number of burglaries in the area.  He stopped basically to make a welfare check to make sure everything was okay." said Guthrie.

Flowers' husband Clinton said he believes it was a robbery gone wrong.

"I think that some people kicked in the back door.  She walked in.  Wrong place, wrong time.  She walked in the front carrying groceries. They panicked and they killed her." said Clinton.

Clint says they were married for little more than a month, but have been together for 5 years.

He doesn't know why they targeted his house.

"Do you see the house in the background?  There aint a whole lot of merchandise in there.  We can't figure out a motive." said Clinton.

Clint said he arrived to find the house surrounded by law enforcement.

He pulled out this window a/c unit to get inside the house.

"When I got to the bedroom her hands were bound behind her back and my belt was around her neck." said Clint.

Ironically, Rachelle had just gone to get her name legally changed.

Ready for her new life.  Now her husband is left alone.

"My life is missing."

If you have any information about the crime please call the McClain County Sheriff's Department at (405) 527-2141.