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Reinforcing garages to keep homes on the ground.

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MOORE, Okla. - Nearly a year after the destructive EF-5 tornado tore through Moore, the city is still rebuilding.

With storm season at hand, a mandate has been passed by the city council that homes built after April 17th be reinforced, with a special focus on garages.

Stan Drake Assistant City Manager for Moore says "really it's the weakest link of the structure is the overhead garage door"

The wind speed of an f-2 tornado ranges between 113 to 157 mph, these new garage doors are expected to withstand that.

Drake says without adding bracing both horizontally and vertically to the doors, homes don't stand a chance.

"That's when the wind force enters the structure and implodes, just total devastation."

Once it goes then it just blows through the house and breaks windows.

Carolyn Strouhal witnessed the devastation first hand after she lost her home in the tornado last year.

"once it goes then it just blows through the house and breaks windows.so I decided to build it back and put the hurricane package on it."

Strouhal says she hopes this hurricane bracing will keep her new home where it belongs, on the ground.

"After they put the garage on it it's not supposed to give it so much lift and the bracing itself ties the house together a lot stronger."

while a lot of residents would like to see mandatory storm shelters in all homes, Stouhal says this is a good place to start.

"It will relieve me a lot and I wont have to be so panicked that will just make everything much safer for whoever is living in the home."