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Cold temps threaten Oklahoma plants

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The winter that just won't quit is packing one more punch.

Temperatures are expected to plunge tonight.

It is news which has many scrambling to save their plants.

Plant experts say covering your tender plants or bringing them inside is essential to their survival.

Down at Marcum's Nursery, the outdoor shelves have been cleared.

Everything is being moved inside in hopes of saving it from mother nature.

Crews are also working to enclose the greenhouse.

"We had it all open because it was hot in here. We took it down so the house could breathe, but we're putting it back on today," said Monty Marcum.

Their heaters will be turned on soon.

Marcum says it is important on nights like this to protect your plants.

"They need to bring in all of their hanging baskets and things that can move that are portable by all means get that inside," Marcum said.

Geraniums and other flowers which are typically in hanging baskets are less likely to survive the cold.

Marcum says most hardy plants should survive as long as the freeze isn't prolonged.

"The length of time it's below freezing really does make a difference because it gives it more time to freeze the stem," he said.

Those working to save plants before nightfall say while it's unfortunate it's not a complete surprise.

Jay, who was out covering plants in Nichols Hills, said, "It's Oklahoma. We have this floating x-factor season where nobody knows what's going on."

Marcum says if the temperatures dip below freezing early it could mean more harm to the plants.

However, the longer that dip in temperature holds off the better it will be for any outdoor plants.