Rain chances possible this week

Possible re-routed storm drains cause dangerous flooding to local neighborhood

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Many Oklahomans have seen flooding during heavy downpours.

One Midwest City resident and fireman Bob Tony says his front yard floods every time it rains.

He blames the city.

"It's horrible that the city would knowingly cause harm to one of their residents and choose to do nothing about it." said Tony.

Tony says the city installed storm drains in a neighborhood to the south of his home.

Now whenever it rains, all the water collected in those drains funnel down into the creek in his back yard sending a dangerous river of water through the neighborhood.

When we reached out to members of the Midwest City city council, they said they have "no comment but they are looking into the issue."

Because of Tony's background as a fireman he knows how dangerous these rushing waters can be.

With six kids of his own and school children who play near the creek, he's making this his primary concern.

"Once you're caught in the creek with that kind of flow and torrent, you're not going to get out of it. Unless you're just really overseen by God, you're not going to get out of it." said Tony.