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Authorties unveil massive Oklahoma crime ring

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PURCELL, Okla. Authorities unveil a massive crime ring of drugs, guns and convicted felons.

They were tipped off when they recovered a stolen truck.

One clue lead to another, and before detectives knew it, they were connecting dots in a large multi-county drug and crime ring.

"We do not want these people to have firearms, because they're dealing in meth or other drugs, and they're dealing in stolen firearms," McClain County Detective Dana Guthrie said. "That's a bad combination."

There are countless combos like this that make up a network of drugs, guns and convicted felons stretching across Canadian, Cleveland, McClain, Grady, Garvin and Oklahoma Counties.

Detectives say it all started with a stolen truck, and pieces of a dangerous puzzle began coming together.

"That's when it started evolving," said Guthrie.

The truck lead to a house in Purcell.

"One of the suspects made the comment 'If we wanted to take you out we could have,'" said Guthrie.

That bust lead to another house in McClain County which lead them to a home in Grady County.

So far investigators recovered about 15 stolen firearms, but they believe this ring has stolen as many as 50 firearms and is selling them for drugs.

"An example...a five hundred dollar firearm and your selling it for a hundred dollars worth of meth," said Guthrie.

One victim was the son of an OHP trooper.

Thieves stole his guns and an OHP hunting cap.

Authorities say there could be countless people associated with the operation, because there are no background checks when guns are sold on the streets.

"They're not selling them to the normal citizens," Guthrie said. "They're selling these guns to other felons."

The case is still under investigation.