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Controversial ad showcases Jesus with a burger, marijuana joint

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SEATTLE – A new controversial advertisement for a burger restaurant is grabbing national attention for its portrayal of the Son of God.

John Schmidt told Q13Fox, “I wanted you to look at Jesus smoking a blunt, eating a hamburger and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to tell my friend.”

Schmidt owns Lunchbox Laboratory restaurants and is the mind behind a much talked about advertisement.

The ad features a picture of the Lord and Savior with a burger in one hand and a joint in the other.

Text from his mouth reads, “When I get back, all I want is the Burger of the Gods.”jesus

Easter’s date is on top with the number 4.20 highlighted in green.

Schmidt says he is simply trying to pay his bills and believes the ad is drumming up attention for the business.

A lot of the comments have been positive but others say his actions are disrespectful.

He said, “I’m not your moral compass. We’re just trying to sell sandwiches. If you’re looking to me for moral direction, you’re probably misguided.”

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