Rare opportunity to see wild baby animals

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NOBLE, Okla. - It might be difficult to look at a baby animal whether a doe, bird or bunny and not smile ear to ear.

The state's largest non-profit wildlife rehab facility WildCare is opening their doors to meet its animals.

Rondi Large is an animal lover, but unlike most animal lovers, she hopes she never has to see her animals again.

"We take in 125 species here in Oklahoma so you can't take a chickadee and treat it the way you would with a baby red tail hawk," Rondi Large with the WildCare Foundation said.

One baby red tail hawk was found without its mother.

WildCare will help nurse it back to health so it will be strong and ready for the wild.

"We want them as well as possible, but it's also important for people to understand what it actually takes to raise a wild baby wild," Large said.

WildCare only opens twice a year to the public including the Spring 2014 baby shower where folks will be able to take a self-guided tour and take photos of the wild animals.

It's free to the public and donations will be accepted as one of their largest fundraisers of the year.

"The baby shower's one of the opportunities the public actually has to come to WildCare and walk through the nursery and talk to the veterinarian," Large said. "...and really get a better feel at what it's takes to be a wildlife rehabilitator in Oklahoma."

While these innocent animals may tug at heart-strings from time to time at WildCare, Large says the way she can help them is by letting them go back to their natural environment.

"If you want what's best for them it's living free and out into the wild where they belong." said Large.

WildCare's baby shower is 2 to 5 p.m. April 26.

For more information and to see their wish list for donations visit WildCare's website.