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In Your Corner team and local builder help tornado victim

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MOORE, OKLA. - There are new details involving an Oklahoma contractor facing some serious allegations.

Glenn McCoy is accused of ripping off countless Oklahoma families.

His customers say he swiped their cash and bailed on the job.

Shortly after we launched our investigation into McCoy, the contractor skipped town for Kentucky leaving his Oklahoma customers with unfinished business.

You may remember Kathy Chow.

The tornado victim was homeless and fighting for her life.

She said, “I just got through with stage 4 cancer and then I'm going through a divorce, then this.”

In that moment we couldn't take away Kathy's pain, but we could do something to help.

Ultimately it was a Facebook post and a friend's recommendation that led us to Jeremy Gillikin and REDBUD Construction.

The company has agreed to take over the project.

Gillikin said, “We're going to take it down to the studs.”

Kathy can't stop smiling.

“It's like a miracle,” she said. “If you guys hadn't come into my life, I'm not sure where I'd be at this point.”

Get this!

Initially, Kathy's insurance company only reimbursed her about $70,000 to cover all of the repairs.

By the time Jeremy and REDBUD got through with the adjuster, Kathy's settlement check more than doubled!

Work should begin in the coming weeks.

There is more good news for Kathy.

Her divorce is finalized and her cancer is in remission.

Meanwhile, McCoy could still face prosecution should the Attorney General decide to file criminal charges against the contractor.

We'll keep you posted on the investigation.