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New information released in connection with Oklahoma ricin murder for hire plot

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UPDATE 4/22 – New details are released late Tuesday afternoon in a murder for hire case involving an Oklahoma City Man.

UPDATE: HazMat investigating in OKC, Norman for possible toxic contamination

OKLAHOMA CITY – There are chilling new details involving a FBI investigation in Oklahoma City.

The case involves allegations of murder for hire.

NBC News in Washington, D.C. talked with law enforcement sources who say the suspect, Preston Rhoads, claimed to have the deadly poison ricin.

Bob Moore Chopper Four Pilot John Welsh was over the northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood as federal agents raided Rhoads’ home just after 3 p.m Thursday.

Rhoads is a suspect in a federal investigation after authorities say he tried to hire someone to carry out a murder.

“Information was gathered a few days ago that lead us to believe that a gentleman was trying to commit a homicide, and that’s what’s lead us here today,” said Dexter Nelson of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Oklahoma City Police and the FBI swarmed 30-year-old Preston Harrison Rhoads’ home, sealed from head to toe in gas masks and hazmat suits.

Officials tell NBC’s Pete Williams in Washington, D.C. that Rhoads made claims to have ricin.

Authorities confirmed to NBC News they entered Rhoads’ home and took samples of the¬†substance which is currently being tested.

However, as of now no ricin has been identified.

“It scared me a little bit,” neighbor Bradley Jones said. “It’s just scary.”

Police say neighbors are not in any immediate danger, but they are keeping people at a safe distance as they search the home for guns and dangerous materials.

“That’s crazy, and it is horrible, because there are kids around here,” said neighbor Tyler Barnett.

Meanwhile Rhoads remains in custody and is being questioned by investigators.

The intended victim in this case has been notified, but authorities are not releasing that person’s identity or their relationship to Rhoads.