Owner of horses sends message after carriage ride chaos

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MUSTANG, Okla. - The owner of the horse and wagon team that flipped while loaded with school children is speaking about the accident.

13 people were injured, 10 of them children, when a horse and carriage ride went haywire during the annual reenactment of the historic landrun at Centinnial Elementary.

Chris Maxeiner described the crash the best way a nine-year-old can.

Maxeiner said, "Scarier than if witches and vampires were real in a haunted house. Scarier than that if it was real."

It was the land run reenactment that was a little too realistic for the kids Tuesday.

The horses started galloping, the buggy flipped, ending in a modern day scene of chaos.

"What parent wouldn't panic," said Maxeiner's mother, Pamela Ferguson. "I rolled up here and said, "Is he alive?" Yes. Okay. So that's good."

Nine third graders were in the buggy, one high school student, two teachers and the driver.

Police are still investigating but believe something connecting the horses to the carriage fell off and scared the animals.

"It felt like the speed at my favorite rollercoaster at Frontier City," said Maxeiner. "It felt pretty fast."

Paramedics rushed two to the hospital.

Jessica Ferguson said, "It was scary for all the kids and the adults who were around and for the parents yeah, nobody wants to get that phone call."

The school called Jessica when they could not get a hold of Maxeiner's mom.

The owner of the horses sent us this statement: "We send our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers to those affected by today's unfortunate accident. The accident is still under investigation and we are awaiting the results. This is a very unfortunate accident for all involved."

Thankfully, the crash may have looked worse than it was.

Everyone was left with minor injuries.

The driver and one teacher suffered the worst injuries in the group.

They are expected to be okay.

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