Precious Cargo: Car repossessed with sleeping 4-year-old child inside

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MEMPHIS (CNN) – A family in Memphis says they are furious after a car with a sleeping 4-year-old child disappeared from outside their home.

Ruth Brown was watching her 4-year-old grandson and had to run to the store to buy some groceries.

On the way back home, the little boy fell asleep in the back seat.

Brown decided to unload the groceries and let the child sleep a little longer.

When she came back outside, the car and the boy were gone.

Brown told WREG that she thought someone had stolen the vehicle.

She said, “I just thought someone had come up here and stole it, straight wired it because I had the key.”

In reality, the car had been repossessed without any knowledge of the sleeping child in the backseat.

Family members and police were scrambling to try and find the car and soon realized what had happened.

Shortly after the car arrived at the repossession lot, Brown called the company to tell them about her grandson.

Sam Young, manager of Cooper and Son Auto Sales, said, “I didn’t believe it at first until I went out there and looked.”

Now, the grandmother is furious, saying the company should have told her they were taking the car before just driving away.

However, Young says it is a dangerous job that has to be done quickly.

Young said, “I’ve heard stories where my repo men have guns and stuff pulled on them.”

He said, “I mean, it’s nighttime and he’s asleep in the backseat, a 4-year-old kid. You figured he would be strapped up in a car seat or something, not just laying down in the backseat.

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