Why man is trying to keep 800-pound shark catch a secret

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MILTON, Fla. – A Florida fisherman snagged the catch of a lifetime, an 800-pound shark, but he doesn’t want you to know about it.

WKRG reported Joey Polk an 805-pound Maco shark but didn’t tell anyone because he said he didn’t want to scare people into thinking the Gulf of Mexico is filled with the sharp-toothed predators.

Polk also told WKRG he didn’t want residents to try to ban land-based shark angling.

“We just want to save our sport the more people that know about it the more people that crowd our beach, with hundreds of people swimming that’s not what we want,” Polk said. “Probably 95 percent [of what we catch is] catch and release.”

The world found out about the shark when Polk and his friends stopped to get gas.

Another customer took a photo of the beast and posted it on social media where it went viral.

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