Handgun heist in Choctaw has police searching for alleged gun thief

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CHOCTAW, Okla. - A handgun heist in Choctaw has police searching for an alleged gun thief.

Police say last night a man forced his way into a gun store along N.E. 23rd St. and he didn't leave empty-handed.

The crime lasted just 15 seconds and the alleged thief made off with three handguns.

Store owner, Melissa Burger, said, "He was in a hurry. The alarm was going off and he knew police were on their way."

After clearing a shelf of several handguns, the suspect dropped some of the weapons in his rush to get away.

"He was in a hurry. He dropped a couple inside the store and one in the parking lot," said Burger. "He was in a big hurry."

Surveillance video shows the smash and grab and a quick glimpse of the suspect's face.

Burger and the police agree that having stolen guns in the hands of a thief is dangerous to the community.

Burger said, "We don't want any stolen firearms out on the streets."

Chief Conny Clay, with the Choctaw Police Department, said, "We don't know why he stole the guns and what he's going to use them for, maybe to commit a crime, so we're concerned the weapons are on the streets and want to find this guy."

Anyone with information on the man seen in the video is asked to contact Choctaw police.

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