‘We are not immune,’ Eighth graders allegedly caught with drugs at local middle school

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DEER CREEK, Okla. – Three eighth graders are facing juvenile charges after authorities discovered drugs in their lockers.

Officials say the Deer Creek Middle School principal and sheriff’s deputy heard rumors of three 14-year-old students showing off marijuana to other kids.

While searching their lockers, officers allegedly found the drug in empty deodorant and pill bottles.

What helped speed this investigation along was the school's own personal sheriff's deputy.

The sheriff's office says because of their presence most kids know better.

OCSO Public Information Officer, Mark Myers, says, “We have a great relationship already built-in so that we can work with the administrators and the students as well.”

Insisting this is a rare find school officials say, "Although Deer Creek Middle School in the past has been fortunate to not have reports or findings of drugs, we are not immune to the problems that face many adolescents and teens across America."

And 14 is not too young.

“Unfortunately nothing is surprising anymore,” says Myers. “That’s a pretty prime age where they could start to get involved with drugs.”

The 8th graders were placed under "out of custody" arrest, leaving them to go home with their parents.

“For many kids that’s probably a worse thing, being released to the custody of your parents as opposed to be taken to a juvenile detention center,” says Myers. “Hopefully once this is all completed they will have learned a lesson and most importantly get away from drugs.”

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