Controversial pose in protest causes uproar

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DENVER, CO. – During Denver’s 4/20 celebration a former Marine recruiter strung himself on a 10-foot cross in order to protest for something he believes he was treated wrong in.

According to Fox31News, Sgt. Joshua Klohr was kicked out of the Marine Corps last year and feels he was railroaded during the process.

Klohr was court martialed and found to be guilty of insubordinate conduct, and discharged, according to the Military Times.

On Sunday, April 20th, Klohr strung himself up on the cross right across from the Colorado State capital building in order to draw attention from others about the way he was treated.

According to Military Times, “Klohr hung on the cross for about an hour, attached by a harness and hooks for his arms.”

After Klohr’s protest, he received criticism online and on television for the demonstration.

According to the Military Times, Klohr said “I don’t want people to talk me up on websites as this disrespectful person,” he said. “I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or anything … To get people to see how serious I am I had to do something extreme.”

Klohr now regrets the show and is suffering the criticism and consequences from it.

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