Judge overturns controversial rape case

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STILLWATER, Okla. - A judge overturned a ruling in a controversial legal case.

Thousands watched Darrell Williams at his collegiate prime playing for Oklahoma State University basketball.

A rape conviction benched him and his promising career.

His attorney Willie Baker said, "The conviction derailed all the plans that he had and he worked very hard in school and was doing very well."

Nearly two years went by but on Tuesday a judge overturned the original ruling.

Baker, who was co-counsel on Williams' defense team said, "An investigator learned that some of the jurors had in fact gone to the house where this supposedly happened and then took that information back to the jury room. "

The defense argued mistaken identity.

Baker said some jurors went to the site to view the lighting to see for themselves if they could have identified Williams as the two alleged victims claimed they had.

Baker says, "The jurors instructions are, you are to consider the evidence you hear in the courtroom and not to decide the case based on things you may have heard outside."
On campus students who followed the trial weighed in.

Some believe the jurors should be punished for their actions.

"I think if the jurors did that, that was illegal and that they should definitely be punished for that and the player should come back and have a fair trial for it," said Brittany Zerr.

Others think those jurors had good intentions.

Senior Robert Bittle said, "It shows they were really invested in the case and while I may have disagreed with their initial decision, they wanted to make sure they got it right. It was nice to see people go above and beyond the call of duty."

Williams is just trying to take it all in.

"I think he's in a state of shock, relieved but doesn't really know what it all means yet. I have always believed inĀ Darrell's innocence so accordingly it was about time," said Baker.

The attorney doesn't believe the jurors will face any disciplinary action.

As for Williams, his attorneys are planning their next move.

Some of them hope the case won't be retried.


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