Columbus Day is out and Indigenous Peoples Day is in for one large American city

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MINNEAPOLIS – Columbus Day is a thing of the past for one American city.

The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to change the name of the long-recognized October holiday.

Many in the American Indian community consider Columbus Day controversial.

From now on the day will be called Indigenous Peoples Day.

American Indian leaders Clyde Bellecourt and Bill Means say the move is a long time coming.

They are hopeful this is just the start.

The goal is to have Indigenous Peoples Day everywhere.

Means said, “Columbus didn’t start anything. Columbus brought slavery. He brought colonialism, disease. And the list goes on. And here we have a chance. One of the few chances in history to right a wrong.”

Minneapolis joins several other cities that have also changed the name of Columbus Day.

Reports say the change will take effect this October.