Oklahoma fisherman makes gruesome discovery in river

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents living near the Canadian River are concerned about the number of dead fish turning up.

Local fisherman, Steven Griffin, says the river has become a little too fishy.

Griffin said, "We saw about five to 10 fish floating when we were down there."

On Sunday, hundreds of dead fish were seen floating in the river.

According to the Department of Wildlife Conservation, a biologist took samples of the water to find out what is responsible for killing so many fish.

Nels Rodenfeld, with the Department of Wildlife Conservation, said, "The tests have been forwarded to the Department of Environmental Quality and we hope to know more when those tests come in."

While they are waiting for the test results to come in, Rodenfeld says they know the oxygen levels in the water were not low enough to kill any fish.

However, a pollutant may be to blame.

Whatever it is has left dozens of fish rotting on the banks of the Canadian River.

While residents are a bit concerned, Rodenfeld says it's probably nothing to worry about now.

Rodenfeld said, "If you're fishing in that area and you're catching live fish, then obviously, whatever it was that caused the fish kill last weekend is probably no longer present."

Griffin says he plans to hold off taking his family to the river until he finds out what is responsible for the deaths.

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