The man behind the flaming RV

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We have new information about the man behind the wheel of a flaming RV Thursday night.

It was a wild scene along the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

It seemed as if nothing would slow down the camper or the man driving it.

Despite stop sticks and fire, the RV kept going.

Police tell us the driver, Richard Tarver, is 30 years old.

He lived in Tecumseh at one point, but for the past couple of weeks, he had been living in a RV park in Oklahoma City.

"I can't believe that rig did 100 miles an hour," said David Miller. "That's just hard to believe."

Miller knew the camper when he saw it crashed out Thursday night on NewsChannel Four.

The driver, Tarver, and a woman were staying at his camp grounds, Rockwell RV Park.

However, Miller didn't know the man by the name of Tarver.

"He didn't use his real name when he signed in," said Miller.

Tarver has a history of doing that.

Arrest records show officers have caught him with at least three fake IDs, but he would never show up for court.

So police showed up at his RV door to arrest him again.

Park surveillance cameras show a cloud of dust as the RV pulled out of the park, police chasing behind.

The camper smashed into the entry way at the RV park, taking down a six foot tall column of bricks.

Campers there couldn't believe the man ran in the big vehicle.

"It's pretty dangerous to drive it at a high rate of speed," said David Hasley. "When I saw the video, I was really amazed he made it as far as he did."

Tarver lost his antenna and his first hub cap at the RV park.

He lost the other three hub caps 27 miles down the interstate.

"Oh, he could have killed a lot of people," said Miller. "So I'm glad the police got him he's where he need to be."

Initially, police were going to arrest Tarver for three warrants.

Now, he has a total of ten charges against him after running from the police.

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