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Woman dies seconds after posting about ‘Happy’ song on Facebook

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HIGH POINT, N.C. – We have all seen the public services announcements urging us not to text and drive, but unfortunately many do not take the announcements seriously.

Sadly, real life events serve as a reminder of the dangers of being on your phone while driving.

According to WGHP investigators believe a driver was posting to Facebook seconds before she crashed and died.

Seconds after posting an update to her Facebook page, Courtney Sanford crossed the median and crashed head-on into a truck.

Sanford’s friends and family are the ones who told investigators about the Facebook post.

Lt. Chris Weisner with the High Point Police Department said, “The Facebook text happened at 8:33.  We got the call on the wreck at 8:34.”

WGHP reports that Sanford’s last Facebook post read: “The happy song makes me HAPPY.”

Investigators say that while they were tracing back Sanford’s online activity, they discovered she was also posting selfies as she drove down the road.

Lt. Weisner says this is a sad reminder for everyone about the dangers of being on your phone while driving.

“In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy,” said Weisner. “As sad as it is, it is a grim reminder for everyone … you just have to pay attention while you are in the car.”


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