OKC Memorial runners get a special show of appreciation

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OKLAHOMA - The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon was today, bringing in thousands of competitors from across the nation.

Not an easy run for most.

Nearly nine miles in and some marathon runners felt the burn.

Luckily they had fans to cheer them on.

At one spot, two volunteers in particular kept the runners feet moving.

Jessica and Bethany spent their Sunday morning singing to runners, hoping to lighten the mood for the long run ahead.

"Just seeing all the people out here smiling and nodding, we even had one guy out here dancing it was great."

Susan and Tammy, both participants in the marathon said, the singers were a big help to so many and they are glad they came out in support of the runner's.

"It just helps you run along faster and helps you enjoy it. It breaks it up, cause we've been going a long time. We've been going for nearly three hours."

Chris Crockett, another runner, took a quick break near the musicians and said it was a great spirit booster.

"I wish they were set up all over the place so we could see more of that."

This was the first time Jess and Beth have played for the runners, they said its something that will stay with them forever and hope to do it again.

"They're cheering us on just as much as were cheering them. It's crazy how they can cheer us on, when I feel like we should be giving them all the props. The people of Oklahoma are amazing."

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