CUTE VIDEO: “Sweet Cindy” stealing hearts in adorable moment captured at OKC Zoo

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OKLAHOMA CITY - As families were celebrating Earth Day at the Oklahoma City Zoo, a familiar face decided to spread the love to a few adorable kids.

Cindy is a chimpanzee in the Oklahoma City Zoo's Great Escape exhibit.

Tara Henson, spokesperson with the OKC Zoo, said Cindy is known to be very social with guests who stop by the exhibit.

Usually, she can be seen sticking her tongue out at people watching her every move.

On Sunday at the 'Party for the Planet' event, a family captured a much different side of the playful chimp.

Chase and Evan Oduola were close to the glass, near where Cindy was sitting.

A short while later, Cindy was captured on video giving the boys a kiss through the glass.

When asked about the chimp in the video, Henson said it must be "sweet Cindy."

She says Cindy must have "liked the kids" a lot in order to give them a kiss since it's so out of character for her.