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One dead after standoff with former police officer

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HINTON, Okla. - An overnight standoff had one Oklahoma town on edge for hours.

It started when a former police officer ran a limo full of kids headed to prom off the road.

The former officer then locked himself inside his Hinton home and threatened to kill himself and anyone who tried to come inside after him.

This is not the first time this officer has been involved in a standoff with police.

In late 2012 he had another standoff and just last week was sentenced in that case.

The porch light is still on at Rodney Cox's home. The windows are boarded up, and neighbors' lips are just as tightly sealed.

One neighbor said, "There were police officers there, but other than that I saw nothing."

Most residents in the neighborhood are unwilling to talk about what happened here over the weekend.

"I have no comment on it," another neighbor said.

However pictures sent to NewsChannel 4 from people in town, as well as several off camera conversations with law enforcement tell us much more.

Saturday afternoon Hinton police say Cox was involved in a high speed chase and collided with a limo full of teens on their way to prom.

After the chase and collision, Cox held himself up inside his home with a gun.

Earlier in the week, he had been sentenced to 10 years probation and six months county jail for another standoff he had with police in October 2012.

At that time, Cox was a reserve officer with the Hinton Police Department.

During the 2012 stand-off, he shot himself.

The bullet went through him and hit another officer.

Both men survived that time, but after about a 15 hour standoff with police this time around, Cox shot and killed himself.

The Caddo County Sheriff said deputies tried to talk him out of his home, and at one point they turned the power off in the entire neighborhood during the negotiations, but could not get him to surrender.

Cox was with the Hinton Police Department from 2001-2012.

Police say after his first standoff, he had to get rid of all his firearms and was not allowed to have any.

Nobody was hurt during the chase and collision.