Anti death penalty group calls for halt in executions

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Death penalty opponents in Oklahoma say they're appalled at Tuesday night's execution.

The Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty had a protest and vigil at the capitol on Tuesday.

They hosted a sit in at Governor Mary Fallin's office followed by a vigil at the governor's mansion.

They were hoping to convince the governor to stop the execution.

Lydia Polley says she had just returned home from the vigil when she heard the news about the botched execution.

Polley said, "I was so appalled I couldn't even talk. What, he suffered this cruel and unusual suffering for an hour? That's appalling. And I immediately think we have to halt all executions. We have to halt executions in Oklahoma."

Polley says she hopes Tuesday night's events will shock Oklahoma legislators and the governor and that they will thoroughly investigate.

Of course, Polley's group ultimately would like to see executions stopped for good.

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