Ashes returned, father and daughter make unbelievable discovery

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LUTHER, Okla. - Last year an Oklahoma man lost his father for the second time.

It happened back in May 2013 when a tornado blew away his Luther home, taking his father's ashes with it.

However, just last week, someone found them.

A man and his daughter were searching for mushrooms near Luther when they made the unbelievable discovery.

Todd Nicholson barely survived a tornado that hit Luther last May, escaping to his cellar seconds before his house was blown away in the twister.

Nicholson said, "When we came out of the cellar and looked around it was just mind boggling, because everything just literally disappeared."

Including his father's ashes.

"It was a big loss. Out of everything out there. I mean, come on, my dad. "I lost basically all of the pictures and stuff that I had of my dad."

Misfortune may have snipped away at Nicholson's luck, but one day he was rummaging around at work.

"It was just in my junk drawer," Nicholson said.

He found an old picture of his dad, and then, after nearly a year, he got a phone call.

"I was going, 'You gotta be kidding me. I mean it's been almost a year, and they've just been laying out there a mile away in the woods?'" Nicholson said.

Someone found his dad's ashes about a mile from where Nicholson's house used to be.

"There's not much telling how far up in the air they were," he said.

A windy tale, but a true one.

"I was on top of the world," he said. "I got my dad back. I got him back."

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