Paid in beer, program helps get alcoholics to work

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AMSTERDAM – A program in the Netherlands is getting people with serious alcohol addictions off the streets and putting them to work.

Many see this as a good thing, but there is controversy surrounding the program because the pay includes beer.

The government is helping fund a program that will pay alcoholics with beer to pick up litter.

Five beers to be exact.

Two in the morning, two at lunch, and one at the end of their shift.

They also include half a pack of rolling tobacco, $13, and a hot lunch.

The goal is to ultimately get them off the streets where they drink all day and into a daily routine.

Project Leader Jeanette Van Der Nood believes this is a good program for the alcoholics.

Van Der Nood said, “It gives them something to do, it’s a reason to get up, they have contact, fellowship, and, they’re not drunk here, they only get 5 beers, which they need to feel not ill.”

Although they may still be drinking, they claim it is a lot less than before.

One of the alcoholics says the program is helping him stop drinking because it helps him keep rhythm to the day.

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