Man jams cell phones for “safety”, faces $48k fine

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FLORIDA – A Florida man is facing thousands of dollars in fines for trying to keep drivers off their cell phones.

Jason Humphreys says he was tired of drivers always being on their phones, so he bought a jammer – an illegal device that blocks cell phone calls and other transmissions.

The device was mounted behind the seat in his car.

Police arrested Humphreys after cell phone companies began getting complaints from customers, saying their cell phone calls were dropping during their commute.

Deputies say the same thing happened to them when they pulled Humphreys over.

“The first thing that happened is the deputy’s radio shut down. This device shuts down all public safety communications and radios. The deputy was unable to communicate with his partner who was also assisting,” said Major Clyde Hillsborough with the County Sheriff’s office.

Americans are prohibited from owning jammers and could face serious charges if caught with one.

Humphreys is facing a $48,000 fine and could also be sent to prison.

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