Police: ‘Urinating twerkers’ exposing selves arrested with drug menagerie outside courtroom

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BEAVERTON, Or. – Three women are in police custody after a bizarre series of events that we have to admit we have never seen before.

Beaverton police said they arrested the women for “twerking” outside an Oregon courtroom, exposing themselves and urinating in the parking lot.

Officials said the lewd dancing was just the beginning.

According to the report, Christiane Coura-Velaszquez went to court to pay a fine and two friends came with her.

Police said the three women began “twerking” outside the courtroom windows, lifting their skirts and exposing themselves.

Officials said one of the women, Brittany Medak, also urinated between cars in the parking lot.

City officials called police when they caught Medak in the act and officers pulled over the girls gone wild just after they left.

Court records show Medak admitted to urinating in the parking lot saying she had a bladder infection.

Officers said they smelled marijuana and Medak agreed to let them search the car.

Authorities found pot, meth, cocaine and other prescription drugs.

Officials have not confirmed all the charges the women are facing.

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