Victim impact statements released in Lockett case

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PERRY, Okla. - June 3, 1999 was a gruesome night for Stephanie Neiman and her two friends.

Stephanie's parents will remember that tragic day for the rest of their lives.

At the trial, Stephanie's parents, Susie and Steve, submitted an agonizing letter to the jury.

They wrote, "Every day we are left with the horrific images of what the last hours of Stephanie's life was like. Did she cry out for us to help her?"

After losing their only child, their home was never the same.

"We were left with the deafening silence of the lack of life within its walls."

Susie said, "Steve and I will never know the joy of grandchildren."

Through the years, their pain has not subsided.

Stephanie's parents wrote, "Clayton Locket not only murdered Stephanie but is also responsible for the part of us that died along with her."

Bobby Bornt survived the fatal night.

He wrote that his other friend, "Was raped multiple times all night long in my own bed. As I lay beaten and bound I could hear her screams. They did unforgettable things to her."

The victim of that rape told jurors she is forever haunted by the attack.

She wrote, "I check, make sure the doors are locked several times before going to bed. I am scared of the dark, especially if I am by myself."

Although Lockett is gone, these letters show that the survivors of his crimes will never forget the horrific tragedy that tore their lives apart 15 years ago.

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