WATCH: Get to know man who rescued women from years of torture, rape, captivity

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Remember Charles Ramsey? The man credited with rescuing three woman who were held captive for years enduring torture, rape and beatings?

Our Cleveland sister station WJW sat down with Ramsey and got to know the hero who kicked in the door so Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight could escape their prison of a home and captor, Ariel Castro, last May.

Rule 1 about Charles Ramsey, he is much smarter than you think.

“Intelligence coming from something that doesn’t look intelligent to people is frightening and I like to scare the s*#$ out of people,” Ramsey said.

Rule 2: Don’t call him Charles Ramsey.

“’Cause if you call me Charles, you don’t know me,” he said. “If you call me Chuck, you know of me. Talking about the people that call me Charles, that’s who this book is for.”

The book Chuck is referring to is his own, “Dead Giveaway,” the phrase that gained him international notoriety on May 6, 2013, when he saw Amanda Berry trying to get out of the Seymour Ave. house.

Chuck helped kick in the door so Amanda could escape.

“Not my finest work but I’m proud of it,” Ramsey said about the book.

Ramsey said the book is meant to let the world know who he really is.

WJW said the manuscript includes dark times; drugs, jail and a rough childhood.

“The black was literally almost beaten off me quite a few times,” Ramsey said about growing up. “I don’t think you can whoop a kid that much but my mother was going to take some black off of me.”

Chuck said in the book he was as much to blame, being the prankster who didn’t know when to stop.

He told WJW it took a serious wake up call to get him off a path that wasn’t going anywhere.

“You have to take yourself somewhere and say, ‘You’re a loser!’ Now once you say it enough times to yourself, you’ll either commit suicide or straighten up. That’s what I did,” he said.

Chuck’s book “Dead Giveaway” is now on sale. 

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