Young military man in critical condition after being run over at party

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McCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. - An Oklahoma teenager is in critical condition after being run over by another teen.

The victim is a young man serving in the military, who came back home to Oklahoma for a visit.

The soldier is in intensive care, and investigators say they have no doubt the crime was intentional.

Somewhere at the end of this pasture, a 19-year-old soldier nearly lost his life.

It's not the battlefield you would expect for a boy in the army who was home for a visit.

Now Trenton Lee Mills is fighting to stay alive after being hit by a truck during a bonfire birthday party.

The teen girl who threw the party on her parents' land is still in high school and does not want to be identified.

However, she says several people showed up at the get together including 19-year-old Connor Thomas.

Thomas was not invited to the party.

"He showed up and tried to start a fight with someone," she said. "I asked him to leave, and he got mad, started doing donuts and throwing dirt all over everyone."

That is when investigators say Thomas got out of control.

Dana Guthrie of the McClain County Sheriff's Office said, "He straightened his vehicle up, stopped, revved his engine and accelerated quickly striking the victim."

Mills went down immediately, and everyone knew it was serious.

"I think we were all just kind of in shock," the host of the party said. "We didn't know what to do. He just kept driving. Some people chased him."

Thomas sped down a country road, and the girl who hosted the party called 911.

Mills' injuries were so severe he was airlifted to the hospital.

The investigation is still ongoing, but authorities say alcohol was definitely involved.


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