Bus driver passes out, teachers team up to prevent bus from crashing

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NORMAN, Okla. - A group of teachers showed that teamwork really does pay off when they teamed up and prevented their school bus from crashing on the interstate.

The Pioneer Elementary School principal says 55 students and four teachers were on their way to Heyday in Norman to reward students who finished reading their goal amount of books.

Teacher Randy Allen noticed the bus driver was not responding as they moved closer to van without slowing down.

Allen said, "We were traveling probably 55-60 miles an hour."

The driver then doubled over, Allen immediately jumped into action.

He said, "I reached and got a hold of the steering wheel and told the ladies I needed help."

Emily Martin climbed over the driver and pushed the driver's foot off the accelerator then put her foot on the brake while Valarie Walker held up the driver's limp body.

With other fast moving vehicles all around them, the three teachers in a coordinated effort managed to cross lanes, dodge all obstacles and get the bus to safety.

Superintendent Jay Edelen said, "It’s a miracle that there were no students injured and I'm so proud of our staff, especially of those three who stepped in at crunch time and took care of business."

Once an ambulance transported the bus driver, the teachers prayed over the children.

The teachers say something from above took over them and guided their every move.

Martin said, "There was no panic or anything, Mr. Allen told u what to do and God took over and we just did it."

"God took care of us all and God placed everybody at the right place at the right time," said Walker.

Edelen and the parents understand a different outcome could have been tragic for the 55 students and four teachers aboard had those three not stepped in.

Edelen said, "They didn't panic they held their composure and it is amazing God's hand was involved and had three wonderful people at the right place at the right time. "

He also said two good Samaritans Lisa Lippincott and Melva Harris performed CPR on the bus driver until paramedics came, officials say that saved his life.

The bus drivers medical condition has not been confirmed at this time.

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