Christina Fallin at center of Flaming Lips split

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A popular Oklahoma band may be looking for a new drummer.

According to Gawker, the drummer of the Flaming Lips was kicked out of the band after 12 years, in a controversy that involves the Oklahoma governor’s daughter.

It all started in early March when Christina Fallin posted a picture that infuriated Native Americans around the country.

Many called Christina’s actions racist and insensitive.

Christina then released a statement saying “Please forgive us if we innocently adorn ourselves in your beautiful things.”

On March 22, the Flaming Lips reportedly played a show without their drummer Kliph Scurlock.

About a week later, the Flaming Lips officially announced Scurlock had separated from the band, but gave no reason for the departure.

Reports surfaced that Scurlock had been fired and Fallin’s headdress stunt was to blame.

After Fallin’s controversial Norman Music Festival performance, Kliph Scurlock confirmed to Indian Country Today Media Network that he was fired by Wayne Coyne for criticizing his friend Christina Fallin.

He wrote, “I was fired for telling Christina to go f*** herself after her lame-*** ‘apology’ when people got upset at her stupid headdress photo.”

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