Parents, here’s why you need to know about the “Eraser Challenge”

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A warning about what is being called, “The eraser challenge.”

it’s a troubling trend that’s popping up in schools all across the country.

Nine children erased their skin this week in an elementary school lunchroom in Bellbrook, Ohio.

School officials sent out an email asking parents to talk to their children.

It sounds painful – “erasing” your skin so hard that it leaves a mark, or worse – it starts to bleed.

Doctors say the “Eraser Challenge” isn’t a new game.

“In some cases, when you look back, some of them were so bad they ended up with amputations of the extremity,” said Dr. David Roer.

Even in lesser cases, doctor David Roer says it can leave kids with permanent scars.

Roer also says “The Eraser Challenge” can increase the changes of getting a staff infection – or worse, MRSA.

Doctor Roer says communication is crucial, especially at an age when peer pressure can be difficult to handle.

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