Local car dealership asking for your help locating stolen vehicles

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BETHANY, Okla. – A local car dealership is asking for your help locating stolen vehicles from their lots.

Norris Auto Sales has had five vehicles stolen from them within a few months.

According to officials, the last theft happened in the 5900 block off 39th street in Bethany, Okla.

A 2006 Dodge Ram was recovered after a suspect got into a collision with a Police officer.

The thieves stole an 2006 F350 Harley Davidson Truck, a 2012 black Dodge Ram, a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, and a 2007 Nisson 350Z.

Officials at Norris Auto are offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the stolen vehicles.

If you have any information leading to the whereabouts of the recently stolen vehicles, contact 405-749-4900.