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Steven Adams Uncut

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It's been quite the rookie season for "Kid Kiwi" Steven Adams. He's gotten under the skin of many NBA notables such as Zach Randolph, Vince Carter, and Larry Sanders causing each to throw elbows or even punch him.

Adams had a giant impact on game 7 even in the 3rd quarter of game 6. An agitated Zach Randolph took a swipe at #12 which, in turn, caused his suspension for the series deciding game against the Thunder.

All the while, Adams keeps his poker face intact and never reacts to the extracurricular physical contact. Quite the impressive feat for a 20 year old from New Zealand.

Adams had a breakout couple of games against Memphis in his first playoff series. He even said he still isn't "comfortable" quite yet with the physical nature of the NBA Playoffs. However, he didn't miss a beat in the minutes he played.

Adams showed defensive toughness in game 6 blocking 5 shots in just 20 minutes.

The offense showed a bit more in game 7 as Adams finished with 8 points.

All those minutes and points helped the Thunder to their 2nd game 7 win since moving to Oklahoma City. Afterwards, Kid Kiwi seemed relieved about the win which shined through in his post game press conference.

If Adams leaves the NBA anytime soon, he could make a fantastic living emceeing events across the country.