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Couple waits one year for Medical Examiner to release mysterious cause of death for their child

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OKLAHOMA CITY - 22 month old Mariah Ford was always happy and completely healthy.

An out of the blue illness took hold in late March, 2013.

Mom, Brittany Medcalf said, "Actually, all day on the 27th she was fine. Her normal self. It wasn't until after dinner I put her to bed and we noticed she wasn't her normal self."

Like most concerned parents, Brittany took her baby to the pediatrician.

The Doctor treated Mariah for an ear infection and gave her a prescription for the antibiotic, Amoxicillin.

She said, "6.5 milligrams, twice daily. Just like the bottle said. I won't ever forget that. Did exactly what he said and she still didn't pull through. I don't know."

By the time medics made it to the house, little Mariah was already gone.

Father, Chad Ford said, "I never thought in my life I'd lose my precious baby Mariah. Plus, taking her to the doctor, I figured everything would be fine."

The overwhelming sadness and despair has lingered for more than a year.

They were assured it would take "90 days or less" for the official cause of death.

Ford said, "That's coming out of the ME's mouth and the detective. We heard it from two different people."

The Medical Examiner's Office is overwhelmed.

In July 2013, there were 1352 open cases and only 6 doctors.

The "90 days or less policy" was simply unattainable.

Chief Medical Examiner, Eric Pfeifer said, "It sounds like a broken record but it's the truth. We are sorry it's taken so long but we have stacks of paperwork on our desk. We just take them one at a time."

Sighting federal HIPAA privacy rules, officials were unable to give us specifics about the Ford investigation.

Less than 24 hours after our inquiry, the ME's office sent this short email: "The case was closed last week. We will contact the family. Thank you."

Chad & Brittany finally received the phone call they'd been waiting for.

The death certificate shows Mariah Ford died of a "urinary tract infection."

Brittany said, "At least I know and at least I can close the book, ya know. So, it's good to know. We can't forget Mariah. She's too great to forget. She'll always be here with us."