Families seek shelter after vicious wildfire forces them out of their homes

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Families who fled the flames on Sunday had no idea if their home would still be standing when they returned.

Sadly, some returned to find only a pile of ashes.

Other homes sustained only smoke damage.

One Logan County fire survivor, Evelynn Ritter said, "Thank you Oklahoma, thank you all emergency people, I don't know your names, but right now it doesn't matter, thank you."

A mother and daughter hugged and cried after finding out their home is still standing.

Elizabeth Ritter said, "I'm relieved we got some place, but also thinking about that family that lost their loved one and those who don't have a home."

Their house is on land that has been in the family for more than six decades.

So far there has only been smoke damage to their home.

Other families are not as lucky.

A couple that lived in Andy’s Acres, near Pine and Seward, lost more than 60 years of memories, two mobile homes, a workshop and are now left homeless.

As the fire continues to burn, dozens of families are seeking shelter at The Community Church along I-35 near exit 151.

That is where the American Red Cross is helping survivors with food, water and a place to sleep.

"The people of Oklahoma, I don't care where you're from, they step up, they're there for us," said Evelyn Ritter.

The Red Cross said it will keep their temporary shelter open until the need is met.