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Family remembers wildfire victim

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Fire crews are working to control a 3,500 acre wildfire in Logan County.

The blaze has burnt down at least 30 buildings, many of them homes.

One man, Johnnie Knox, has died in the flames.

Walking through the neighborhoods, you can see home after home destroyed.

At Knox's home, his brother, Jackie Knox, says his last goodbyes to Johnnie.

"He will be missed," said Jackie. "He's soft on the inside; a little rough on the outside."

His giving nature showed in the last hours of his life.

He lent his pickup to his neighbors so they could escape.

Dorothy Shea said, "He said, 'Take the truck. Get your family, and get out.'"

She and her husband could not get Knox to leave with them.

"I begged him. I said, 'Johnnie, get in the truck.' He said, girl, get out of here I'm supposed to fight this fire. And I had to leave because the flames were coming up," said Shea.

Her husband, Antwoine Watson was devastated to learn Knox never made it out.

Watson said, "One minute you see him, and one minute you're gone. Thinking you might be the last person who talked to him. I don't even know what to say to the family."

Knox was a semi truck driver with seven grand kids.

His brother believes Knox was going to get out of there in his semi but was eventually trapped.

Jackie Knox said, "I think he probably went in to get his dog and the smoke overtook him."

The wildfire still rages, sparked by a person who started a controlled burn on their property.

"I feel for everybody. I got a big heart for everybody anyway," said Jackie. "But, I'd hate to be the guy who started this fire. I really would. Sometimes you got to use common sense when it comes down to burning, and yesterday was not a good day for burning. Definitely not a good day for my family."

Another one of Johnnie brothers, Billie Knox, lost his home in the wildfire.

Johnnie's family has set up a donation account to help pay for is services.

Donations can be made to "Johnnie Knox donation account" at any City National Bank.