Update: Broncos receiver Wes Welker spreads the wealth at Kentucky Derby, may have to pay it back

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Photo: @MarcBlandford - Twitter

Photo: @MarcBlandford - Twitter

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Oklahoma native and Denver Broncos receiver Wes Welker apparently won big at the Kentucky Derby and felt in the giving mood.

KDVR reported Welker was passing out $100 bills at the racing event.

According to For The Win, Welker was leaving with a friend, a police officer and a large stack of Benjamins.

A man named Marc Blandford was watching as the celebs filed out of Churchill Downs.

Blandford told For The Win, “I said ‘Wes Welker, how ya doing?’” 

He said after that Welker just started handing out the hundreds.

“He said he just won the Kentucky Derby and proceeded to walk down the line until the police officer stopped him,” Blandford told . “I think six of us ended up with $100 bills.”

While Welker’s act of generosity made headlines, it also caught the attention of the Kentucky Derby executives.

According to ESPN, Churchill Downs, which puts on the event, says the money might not have been his to give away.

In a statement to ESPN, Churchill Downs spokesman Darren Rogers said, “An individual believed to be a member of Wes Welker’s group on Kentucky Derby day was the beneficiary of an overpayment north of $14,000 on a wage due to a tote malfunction. In turn, a letter has been sent to that individual in an attempt to resolve the error.”

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