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Pastor shot in the head, killed preparing for community-wide garage sale

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Residents in one Texas community are in shock after a beloved pastor is gunned down in his garage.

Everyone in town called him “Minister Mike.”

Friends say 53-year-old Mike Hjalmarson lived exactly what he preached.

Brenda Harley said, “He was a fantastic guy. He knew no color. You could call him up at anytime and he would come to your aid.”

Tragically, there was no one to help Mike early Saturday morning.

Homicide detectives say Mike was attacked in his own garage around 6:45 a.m.

He was shot in the head and killed, just as he was preparing for a neighborhood yard sale.

Deborah Strong said, “The devil is walking in their skin. It’s just wrong. Mike never hurt anybody.”

Northwood Church’s congregation and pastors are in disbelief that such a gentle man could be taken so violently.

Bradley Wyatt, an associate pastor, said, “I think everyday he was looking for opportunities to care for others.”

Strong said, “I can’t see anyone purposely having the animosity toward a great man like this, to take him out that way like that.”

So far, no arrests have been made.