Residents surveying damage after fires destroy homes

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Sunday's fire across Logan County burned numerous homes and outbuildings.

Many of those evacuated were back at their properties Monday surveying the damage.

Jim Dill, who lost his home, said, "I just completed this not so long ago. I had windows going around. This was my dining room area."

Dill has lived in the rural area near Seward and Midwest Boulevard for about 25 years.

Now, much of what he has worked for is gone.

His home, a storage building, a barn and a tool building were all destroyed by the fire Sunday night.

Dill said, "I can't believe how much the fire just twisted metal around. It's just unbelievable."

Jim Dill said he was actually out of town Sunday.

His family watched on television as the fire spread to his property.

He said, "Actually, I was glad I wasn't here because knowing me I probably would have fought it, maybe gotten injured."

Only one building on his property was left standing after Sunday's fires, but Monday's flare-ups threatened that property too.

It has been an emotional day for Jim.

He is looking at what he has spent years building, only to see how a fire could destroy it all in a matter of hours.

Despite the emotion, he knows this is not the end of his story.

He said, "It's only material stuff. It's all replaceable."

Many of those impacted by the fires were insured.

However, there are a few families who do not have insurance on the property which was destroyed.